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Real stories, real smiles

Have you ever wondered who are the people that are going on a dental treatment abroad? Weren’t they scared? Why come to Croatia? Why Dentum? Well, why don’t you get to know them yourself!

Six stories, six different backgrounds, six different dental problems but one common outcome - a Dentum smile! Dentum smiles is a collection of real stories of our patients. Get to know these interesting people who all came to Croatia with one goal: to get back their smile.

Graeme Baxter

“When I was single, it was difficult to become too close - just in conversation, nothing else. Because I felt paranoid because I had a plate. And it was a quite bad fitting plate.”

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John Irvin

“And that photo of me went up on Facebook and the amount of people that commented on my teeth being gummy bear and things like that. And I thought: “My daughter’s getting married in three months.”

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Chris Pike

“As a child, I didn’t like the dentist at all. And then I sort of grew up and I avoided the dentist when I shouldn’t have done. But you know, I was frightened of the dentist.”

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Lee Mears

“I picked up a sports injury when I was young, playing football. I was eleven. And that stayed with me my whole life.”

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Jeff Sivertsen

“When you’re used to smiling naturally, and I’m that kind of a person… I became very conscious about it. Very conscious of the fact that I had no teeth on this side. And it was embarrassing.”

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