John Irvin

“And that photo of me went up on Facebook and the amount of people that commented on my teeth being gummy bear and things like that. And I thought: “My daughter’s getting married in three months.”

Meet Anita & John, a married couple from Stokenchurch, England. A week before their daughter’s wedding, John found Dentum on the internet and thought to himself  – now or never. He took the risk and it was worth it. Finally, he didn’t have to hide his smile anymore. 

Seeing the results, his wife Anita didn’t have to think twice and came to Dentum to get her smile back, too. 

As the loving couple they are, they even got the same dental treatment! However, the same dental treatment doesn’t mean the exact same look. That’s the magic of crowns – you can adjust them to your wishes 100%.

What a moving story, right?

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