Graeme Baxter

“When I was single, it was difficult to become too close - just in conversation, nothing else. Because I felt paranoid because I had a plate. And it was a quite bad fitting plate.”

Meet Graeme, our patient from London, England. Like almost all of our patients, he came to us because he struggled with a bad fitting plate and wanted to gain his confidence and eventually his life back. 

After researching the internet about different dental implant options, he came across Dentum, read reviews on Facebook, went on a virtual tour through our clinic and decided to just go for it. The rest is history!
So, how did Graeme get his smile back in the end? Well, for him, All-on-4 was the best solution. That way, he could exactly decide how his new smile will look in terms of tooth shape and tooth color, and as you can see – the result is absolutely gorgeous!

It’s time to put an end to years of your problems with All-on-4 as well! Answer the questions below, so we can contact you and find out together if this is the right treatment for you: