Chris Pike

“As a child, I didn’t like the dentist at all. And then I sort of grew up and I avoided the dentist when I shouldn’t have done. But you know, I was frightened of the dentist.”

This is Chris who had some pretty negative experiences at the dentist’s as a child, hence he avoided going to the dentist as and adult whenever he could. Even when his teeth started going bad, his fear and aversion wouldn’t allow him to resolve his problems and he would just continue his life – in pain. 

Unfortunately, Chris is not the only one who suffers from this kind of fate. However, he found the strength to overcome his fears and gave Dentum a call. That’s where his life took a turn for the better, thanks to a beautiful set of crowns.

So if you’re also struggling with dental problems but your fears just won’t let you get your smile back, remember this story. Be like Chris!

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