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Frequently asked questions

Different stories, same problem: about being afraid to smile.

My life is two parts, really. There’s me then and me now.

There are a million reasons to smile in life, but just as many reasons to hide it. Can you identify with any of these stories?

To go to the dentist or not to go, that is the question: about dealing with fear.

“People are funny about going to the dentist, and to come abroad to go to the dentist makes another layer. But the people I meet here are all quite happy – and that’s unusual in dentists. Literally everyone is happy to be here.”

Having doubts or fears is normal, but don’t let this hold you back from getting the smile you deserve. Get inspired by our patients’ stories and how they coped with fear of getting dental work done!

Our patients are our family: about going that extra mile.

“Apart from the fact that you’re doing a great job and the cost is great, the feeling that you’re looked after is the reason we tell all our friends.”

Yes, having a skilled dentist that knows their job is great, but there are so many extra layers that will either make you feel comfortable during your treatment or not. Dentum always goes the extra mile for the perfect smile and our patients can confirm that:

Money talk: about treatment costs and quality.

“The cost is unbelievably cheap compared to the UK, yet they’re not compromising on quality.”

Everyone has a different view on money, that’s why you should be able to listen to different experiences about what you can expect when coming to Dentum:

Beyond beauty: about the importance of a healthy smile.

“Age is just a number. You’ve got to have quality in life and by having a good mouth and teeth to be able to enjoy the pleasures life gives you…, it’s second to none.”

What does my smile have to do with my age, nourishment and wellbeing? Well, smiles change lives!

Oh, if you ask me, you can just leave it like that: about living with temporary teeth.

“I asked one of the dentists: ‘Is this my final product?’ He just laughed.”

Many people are worried about the period they have to live with their temporary teeth, but let us assure you don’t have to worry at all. Watch how Graeme and Chris experienced their temporary teeth:

The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach: about eating with your new teeth.

“Now I can eat anything and everything I want. It’s just made me so happy.”

One of the top reasons people want to get their teeth fixed is that they’re no longer able to eat the foods they love. Listen to these stories if you’re tired of having to abstain from certain foods and learn how new teeth will not only make you, but also your taste buds, happy again:

A floss a day keeps the dentist away: about keeping your mouth healthy.

“The happiness is for the rest of my life now. I just have to be taking care of them.”

Oral hygiene is a must, regardless of the fact whether you had dental work done or not. Get a glimpse of what your oral hygiene routine will look like after getting your treatment:

Life after Dentum: about the power of a smile.

“You’re having a holiday, you’re getting your teeth done, you’re getting your smile back – and you’re getting your life back!”

Are you ready for the first day of the rest of your life?

Word of mouth: about the importance of a sincere recommendation.

“I’m about to see my dentist and he was amazed by what he saw of the color match, the quality of the work. They were quite amazed at the wonderful work that’s been done.”

If you're still not convinced yet, hear who else recommended Dentum!